About Us

Your Purified Air Centers (or YPACs) is a group devoted to promoting the cleanliness of the air in enclosed indoor areas. There is a big push these days to not pollute and to clean up the environment on a global scale, but not many people are paying attention to the air quality on an individual scale.

Large scale environmental clean up can only go so far. It can ensure cleaner and more fresh air in the outdoors, but it cannot clean the inside of your house or work place. That is where we come in. At YPACs we are helping to educate people to help them understand that the air inside their house is much more polluted than the air outside their house. We are hoping to teach people how to better keep their house clean from all environmental pollutants in order to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

If you have any specific questions regarding indoor air quality, feel free to email us or comment on our articles. We welcome the questions and comments and will do what we can to respond and answer to your needs.