Affiliate Disclaimer

At Ypacs we like to be open and straightforward about how we do business. We try to provide as much information about the various air purifiers on the market that we can. While doing so we are open and honest about all of the details, whether they are good or bad so that you, as the consumer, can make an informed decision on which purifier is right for you in your situation. In the spirit of being straightforward we want to mention that there are a number of links on this website from which we earn an affiliate commission off of the purchase that you make, at no additional cost to you. There are numerous links through the blog and pages so it is difficult to point out all the various links. Due to this please assume that any links you come across on this website are affiliate links.

As a final note, please be aware that we have not been given any free products or services in order to promote them. When we review a device, we purchase the units to provide a review of them and either return them or sell them at a discounted price. If we don’t purchase one, we scour the internet reading all of the reviews and consulting with the manufacturer to provide all of the details necessary that you would want to know. We provide transparency in our reviews and will give you the good reviews along with the poor reviews.

If you have any questions regarding our affiliate links please contact us using the contact form.